You are not alone - Marjolein Annegarn

The booklet "you are not alone" is an initiative of photographer Marjolein Annegarn. A booklet (available in English and Dutch) with encouraging stories and photographic portraits (recognizable and unrecognizable) of people who talk about the benefits of being open about their HIV status.

Openness in all forms. Maybe the status was only shared with a friend, or maybe only during a peer-to-peer conversation. But also the stories of people who went through a development from completely closed to much more open. They are stories of resilience, courage and above all hope that will / could be an inspiration for people who only live with their secret.

At the back of the booklet is a list of all initiatives that are organized for people with HIV.

The booklet can be ordered from us free of charge. It will be discreet and there is no hiv reference on the outside.

Download Bekijk online (2.41 MB) Bestel