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Brochures are available on various topics related to living with HIV. Browse online: download as a pdf, or order a copy. Single copies are free.

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Brochures English


Brochure living positive

You’ve just learned that you have HIV? Or you have a close friend, a partner or family member who is living with HIV? This brochure provides information on living with HIV and points you towards more resources, support and opportunities to meet others. It is written by and for people with HIV

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Living positive in common language

The English-language edition of Positive Living in plain language. In words, but also in images, it deals with various topics that are important and about which questions arise when someone is diagnosed with HIV. About telling about your HIV status yes or no, medication, treatment, sex, work and healthy ageing. It is intended for people who have not yet mastered the language or who are not strong in the written word.

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You are not alone - Marjolein Annegarn

The booklet "you are not alone" is an initiative of photographer Marjolein Annegarn. A booklet (available in English and Dutch) with encouraging stories and photographic portraits (recognizable and unrecognizable) of people who talk about the benefits of being open about their HIV status.

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Resilience and visibility

HIV has many different facets. There’s HIV as a medical condition: an initially untreatable virus which, within a fairly short space of time, has become a chronic condition. These days, given the right drugs, it can be managed effectively and is no longer transmissible.
Then there’s HIV as a social phenomenon: in other words, the way in which society perceives HIV. In this respect HIV has changed very little in almost 40 years: it still causes fear and meets with widespread ignorance among the general public. This book tells the story of the Dutch HIV community, and the defining role played within it by The Dutch Association of people living with HIV.

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