The Hiv Vereniging

The Hiv Vereniging (Dutch Association of People with HIV) is committed to unconditional equal rights for people in the Netherlands with HIV, in any situation, at any time. People with HIV are the focus of everything the association does.

Our mission

The Hiv Vereniging is for and by people with HIV and their families. We offer support and contact, so that you can take control. We tirelessly address issues such as discrimination and emancipation of people with HIV. It is also important that people can be free in their own way of life, and for this we provide objective information. By connecting the different groups within the Hiv Vereniging, we are strong in promoting collective and individual interests.

We inform you about HIV

We offer objective information to people with HIV, their family, health care professionals and the general public. On our website you will find information and tips on topics such as HIV care, healthy living, work and money. In addition, the website offers an overview of activities in the country.
We offer news through various channels, for example blogs or social media. Would you like to stay informed? Subscribe to our newsletter Positive News! (in Dutch).

We look after your interests

Your experiences with HIV in daily life are important to our advocates. They will address the medical, social and legal problems you encounter, with the aim of solving them and preventing their recurrence.
In addition, they follow the developments surrounding HIV and keep you informed (in Dutch) about them. Do you have questions, issues or problems that you would like to raise? Then contact the Servicepunt.

We provide meetings and support!

Download the Hiv Vereniging leaflet here (in Dutch).

MIPA principle

As an organisation for and by people with HIV, we believe it is important that people with HIV are involved in all areas of the organisation, that they have a voice in decision making, and that the needs of all people with HIV in the Netherlands are listened to. This is called Meaningful Involvement of People with HIV (MIPA). This MIPA principle (in Dutch) plays a very important role within the Hiv Vereniging.

kaartje sticker wordlid rood 250Become a member, support us!

Support the Hiv Vereniging by becoming a member (in Dutch). With your membership you will show solidarity with the community and we will be able to stand up for the interests of people with HIV. You will receive the magazine plus>, you will receive discounts on a number of activities and you can influence the association's policy. If you prefer to make a donation, that is also possible.

Contact details

Postal address: Postbus 15847 1001 NH Amsterdam
Visiting address: Eerste Helmersstraat 17 - A3, 1054 CX, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 - 616 01 60
ING: 276979
IBAN: NL31INGB0000276979
KvK: 40535421
RSIN: 007884874
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Servicepunt for questions about living with HIV tel: 020 - 689 25 77 - Mon, di, do from 14.00 - 22.00 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The structure of the Hiv Vereniging

The Hiv Vereniging is based on its members, making the Members' Council the highest body. The board and the national office are responsible for the day-to-day business, advocacy, information provision and support for the volunteers. The volunteers make the activities and the range of products possible.

My Hiv Vereniging

Members of the Hiv Vereniging have access to the member portal of the association. As a member you can log in with an e-mail address that is known to the Hiv Vereniging, after which you can create a password. Through this member portal you can change your own (address) data. On your personal page you can also indicate whether you want to receive digital member communications. Read more here (in Dutch).

Member council meetings

The membership council meets at least in May and November. The next members council will be on Saturday 23 July 2022.
The members council discusses and votes on various (policy) matters. These include work plans, budgets, annual reports and annual accounts, but also policy notes that deal with long-term plans such as a multi-year policy plan or a note on a specific topic.

Members of the association can, after registering, attend the meeting as an observer. This means that you cannot contribute anything and can only be present. Would you like to know more about the members council or to attend as a listener? Please contact office manager Reina Balvers at telephone number 020-6160160 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Complaints Committee and Appeals Committee

Where people work together, differences of opinion or conflicts may arise and people may feel dissatisfied. Most of the time, this can be solved by discussing it. Nevertheless, there are situations in which discussion does not lead to a solution.

This is why the Complaints Committee (for external parties) and the Appeals Committee (for members and volunteers) are set up. The three elected committee members sit on both the Complaints Committee and the Appeals Committee.

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