Booster vaccination for people with HIV

Published: 13 January 2022

All people with HIV have been offered the booster vaccination. A booster shot is an extra stimulus for the immune system. The booster shot is for people who had built up sufficient protection after one or two vaccinations, but whose protection has decreased since then. Below you can read how and when you can get the booster shot.

Booster vaccination for people with HIV under the age of 60

From 23 December 2021 onwards, people in the flu vaccination group under 60 years of age have received an invitation for the COVID-19 booster injection. This includes people with HIV. The booster shot is provided at the GGD. You can find more information here.

If you received the first 2 vaccinations via the GGD, you will receive an invitation via SMS. The invitations will be sent from the 23rd of December 2021. Because these people are known to the GGD, they can be invited in this way.

If you did not get your first vaccination at the GGD, the SMS invitation is not possible. You will receive an invitation based on your age. The expectation is that you will receive the invitation early January 2022 and can get the booster shot in January.

Booster vaccination for the over-60s

At the moment, people over 60 have been invited in order of age. Click here to find out when you can make an appointment if you are over 60. You can then make an appointment here.

Booster vaccination for participants in the COVIH study

Some participants in the COVIH study have received an invitation for an extra shot (a third after Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca or a second after Janssen). This shot is also called the 'third shot'. Only participants who turned out to have insufficient antibodies received this invitation.

This extra/3rd vaccination can ensure that people who were insufficiently protected after the first 2 vaccinations (or after 1 shot with Janssen) are given better protection ('building up an immune response'). This extra/3rd shot is therefore part of the basic vaccination for these people.

Participants who have received an extra/3rd vaccination via the COVIH study are also advised to get the booster shot. You will receive a letter from the COVIH study to this effect.

When can you get the booster?

You can make an appointment if you have not had COVID-19, or have had it more than 3 months ago. And if your previous corona vaccination was 3 months or more ago.

The flu shot and the pneumococcal shot can be given 2 weeks before or after the booster vaccination.

Booster vaccination for people without papers

Everyone in the Netherlands has the right to free vaccination(s) against the coronavirus, even if you do not have a passport, BSN, postal address or valid residence papers for the Netherlands. Read more information here.

Want to know more?

Here (in Dutch) you will find information about the effectiveness of the corona vaccination in people with HIV. If you are not sure about the corona injection or the booster vaccination you can call the 'Twijfeltelefoon' at 088-7555777.

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