Booster vaccination or first COVID-19 vaccination for people without papers

Published: 20 January 2022

What can you do if you don't have a passport, BSN, postal address or valid residence papers for the Netherlands and you want to get a booster vaccination or a first COVID-19 vaccination? A few tips to make an appointment.

Everyone in the Netherlands has the right to free vaccination against the coronavirus. You do not need a legal status or BSN number.

Getting a booster vaccination

The booster vaccination is an extra COVID-19 vaccination that provides better protection against the coronavirus after a first or second vaccination. You are entitled to a free booster injection if you are older than 18 years.
To make an appointment you can call 0800 - 7070 for a specific date and vaccination center.
If you prefer not to make an appointment, you can check the multilingual website for a center close to you, where you can go without appointment.

Getting your first vaccination

You may want to get your first COVID-19 vaccination. On the multilingual website, you can also find all vaccination centers where you can get your first coronavirus vaccination without appointment.

Privacy is important

Taking a vaccination is voluntary and the privacy of personal data is protected.
Your details will not be shared with any other organization, so you can feel free to make an appointment.

QR Code

Once you have been vaccinated, you will be given a printout with the QR code which you can upload to the CoronaCheck app on your phone or take with you as print. This allows you, as long as you meet the other conditions for access, to get access to events and facilities where the CoronaCheck is requested.

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For the latest information for people without papers on the COVID-19 vaccination, drop-in centers throughout the Netherlands and QR Codes please check the Red Cross multilingual website

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