Call: How would you feel if HIV could be cured?

Published: 25 October 2021

The Hiv Vereniging is actively involved in research on various topics regarding HIV. We give feedback, share calls for participants, or participate as an advisor. In this article we share a call for participants for a questionnaire on HIV cure.

What is the goal of this research?

Currently it is not possible to cure HIV: treatment suppresses HIV, but it remains in the body. Scientists do a lot of research into the cure for HIV. We don’t know when a cure becomes available. The University Medical Center Utrecht wants to find out what it would mean for you if HIV could be cured.

Who are the researchers looking for?

  • Adult (18+) men, transmen, women and transwomen
  • English or Dutch speaking
  • Adults living with HIV
  • Adults who do not have HIV but are affected by HIV:
    • Your partner has HIV
    • You have a higher chance of getting HIV because you’re bi or gay
    • You’re a sex worker or you pay for sex
    • You ever injected drugs
    • You’re from an area where HIV is prevalent

Do you want to participate?

Filling in the survey takes 15 to 20 min You can win 1 out of 50 gift certificates (€10). Please fill in the survey here.

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