Research on how others react to people with HIV

Published: 07 August 2019

How do others react to people with HIV? Do ignorance and outdated ideas about HIV still play a role? And in what situations do people with HIV experience prejudice and discrimination? Do you have HIV and would you be willing to tell us about your experiences with reactions from others?

We are very curious to hear your story and invite you to complete a survey about this. With your help, we can work towards improving the experiences of people with HIV.

Research on the current situation

In 2007 and 2009, Maastricht University, together with the Dutch Association of People with HIV and STI AIDS The Netherlands, studied how stigma is experienced by people with HIV. We’re now about 10 years further and we are curious to know what the current situation is, as we still hear about negative reactions.

For example, how have things been in your contact with health care professional these past five years and what have your experiences been at work? But also with family and your friends? Have you experienced blame, were your given advice not to tell others, or have people kept more distance from you since learning that you have HIV? We are also curious to see how these experiences impact your well-being , quality of life, your health. Do you struggle with adherence or have regrets, do you experience social support?

Factsheet with results

The results of this study will be made available through a factsheet that will be distributed by the Association for People with HIV. Also, through a number of media channels, additional attention will be given to the study results. The conclusions will also be incorporated in the lobby and other work of the Association for People with HIV.

Take part!

You can access the English survey through the link below. Completing the survey will take about 30 minutes so please do this when you have a quiet moment to sit and answer the questions. If you don’t manage to complete the survey in one sitting, you can come back to it at a later point in time, as long as it is within two weeks of starting the survey. If you do this, please complete a full page before stopping. And obviously, your answers are anonymous.

Should you have questions or difficulties completing the survey, please contact:
Dr. Sarah Stutterheim, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology, Maastricht University: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Link to the survey.

Thanks in advance for your interest and hopefully also the completion of the survey!

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