Call: Participants wanted for an interview about HIV cure

Gepubliceerd: 05 januari 2021

The Hiv Vereniging is actively involved in research on various topics regarding  HIV. We give feedback, share calls for participants, or participate as an advisor. In this article we share a call for the University Medical Center Utrecht. They are currently studying the meaning of an HIV cure for people with HIV.

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Please note: The number of participants is already sufficient, registration is closed.

Currently, there is no cure for HIV. There are, however, many researchers working on a cure for HIV. It is unclear when this cure will be available. The University Medical Center Utrecht also researches what it would mean if HIV would be curable by conducting individual interviews with people with HIV. These interviews are important to make sure current medical research into the development of a cure matches the needs and desires of affected communities. 

For these one-time interviews we are looking for adults (18+) living with HIV or affected populations. The interview takes about one hour and 15 minutes and takes place either online or at the University Medical Center Utrecht. You will receive a reimbursement of €12,50 and reimbursement for travel expenses.


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