Results of the HEART Study

The HEART study was presented during AIDS2018. This study looked at the association between HIV and heart failure. 

HIV and Cardiovascular Disease

Many studies have been conducted on the association between HIV and cardiovascular disease (diseases which affect the heart and blood vessels). These studies usually look at the influence of HIV on peripheral arterial disease and arteriosclerosis. Previously, I wrote about two studies presented at CROI 2018 which found that people living with HIV are twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

HIV and Heart Failure

The HEART study shows that people living with HIV are also at higher risk of heart failure. The study compared people living with HIV to people who do not have HIV. The group of people living with HIV had fewer risk factors for heart failure. Nevertheless, after 17 years of follow-up, the group of people living with HIV had a 50% higher chance of heart failure (4.5% of the people living with HIV versus 3% of the control group).


The researchers concluded that HIV increases the risk of heart failure. It is still not known why this occurs. It is also not known whether there is a difference between people with a detectable viral load and people with an undetectable viral load. The researchers concluded with a message that it is important to be vigilant about heart failure among people living with HIV.

Go A et al. HIV infection independently increases the risk of developing heart failure: The HIV HEART study. 22nd International AIDS Conference, Amsterdam, abstract THAB0103, 2018.

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